Hey there!

I'm Chris

I’m a marketing designer based in Houston, TX. I use storytelling and empathy to drive my designs, and I like to build elegant solutions that solve real-world problems for people.

Chris Leake

My career so far

I have an interesting path into design. I started my career in filmmaking and screenwriting...graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. Then, after a couple of years working in film, I realized my passion, while still in visual communication, could be best leveraged through design. So, moving to Houston from Austin, I started freelancing as a web designer and content creator until I kicked off a career in content management with one of the largest school districts in the nation. From there, I kept building my skills and have spent the last decade exploring the worlds of UX design, marketing and product design.

Web Design
UX Design
Design Systems
Product Design


If you have a project or would like to get in touch to discuss an idea or opportunity, send me an email and I’ll be in touch.

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